Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Elsie turns THREE!

Happy 3rd birthday to Elsie!

We celebrated with Elsie's favorite meal for dinner, spaghetti. Isn't it awesome that she has favorite foods now? The kid loves pasta.

Next was opening presents, which was super fun. Elsie loves stuffed animals, and kitties, and since we will probably never get a live cat, we bought Elsie a white stuffed animal kitty. She's enamored with it, of course. She also got the movie Bambi, and My Little Ponies, and clothes/books/etc.

Then I had this idea that since Elsie never got to enjoy a smash cake when she turned one, I would make her a smash cake for this birthday! I had all of these visions in my head of her being silly and making a big mess, gobbling up handfuls of cake right and left. We brought the cake out, sang happy birthday, let her blow out the candles, and then told her to dig in.

She asked for a fork.

Haha, what? A fork? It's a smash cake, you eat it with your hands or stick your face in it! Both of my kids looked at me dubiously when I tried to explain. Elsie thought I was kinda nuts, but she (and Evje) put her head down next to the cake and took a small nibble. Then asked for a fork again. I sighed, and gave her a fork, and she did eat.

Well, you can't blame me for trying. At least she's eating cake now! Don't ask me where my prim and proper girly-girls came from; hopefully someday I will have a little boy who won't be afraid to get dirty once in a while.