Wednesday, January 9, 2013

January 9

Elsie had a brain ultrasound and an EKG done on her heart today. The EKG was done because she has a heart murmur, or a PDA. This is extremely common in preemies. There is a small vein coming off the aorta of the heart that during a typical full-time childbirth, will close on its own. It generally does not close by itself when the baby is premature. The PDA can be treated and closed by medications, or by surgery. The medications, obviously, are the first choice. But, before you can administer the medication for the PDA, they needed to do an ultrasound on her brain to evaluate how much bleeding is going on in there. The nurse practitioner explained it all to us and I mostly understood; something about how you can't give her the medication for the PDA if there is too much bleeding in the brain. We will find out the results from both procedures tomorrow.

She continues to be stable but has needed a bit more oxygen, due to the heart murmur. The bilirubin lights are back on, to help prevent jaundice. The nurses explained that everything in the NBICU is always up and down. She'll have good days and bad days. She'll go on and off of the ventilators, and same with the lights. They have stopped feeding her milk, as she wasn't digesting it very well, but they'll try again soon.

I changed her diaper and took her temperature today. The temperature-taking wasn't so bad, but changing the diaper was scary. There are so many tubes and cords and monitors to work around.

Here is a picture that I took yesterday. You can see the bruising across her nose and on her head. It's actually improved quite a bit. And her skin is not as red and see through as it used to be. Her eyes are still fused shut. Sleep well tonight, sweet baby.


  1. Oh my goodness Ruthie. I haven't been on facebook for a while and so when I saw your last post I was so confused. I have now read this entire blog and now have tears running down my cheeks. Oh Ruth, your little precious Elsie will be in my prayers tonight. Lots of love,

  2. We love you! (Being a parent of a preemie): it's one step forward, two back. I'm sure Elsie is a fighter and is Blessed to have YOU as her mom.


  3. Praying that the test results will come out the way Elsie needs them to.

  4. Hi, I'm Melissa, Katie's older sister. I'm so sorry that your little Elsie was born so early. The NICU can be a scary place sometimes, but NICU nurses are amazing. It's wonderful that you've been able to change her diaper. Each and every "normal" thing that you don't even think about with full term babies, is such a huge accomplishment and exciting moment with preemies. We're keeping your little family in our prayers.

  5. Love you sweetums. No matter the results, she's a fighter, and has 2 wonderful, STRONG parents. Hugs, kisses and prayers.

  6. Hi my name is Brianna, I'm Jenny S. L. sister in law. She told me about your remarkable story of Elsie. It is a very touching story to me this last year we had a simpler story, only a little later. Our son was born at 31 weeks, which I know in unborn babies life makes a big different. I just want to send my love and support.
    It is hard and you take each day one at a time. You feel torn between leaving your little girl at home but once you are with Elsie the world seems to stop and it is so hard to leave. All I would say is stay calm, take each day and enjoy the moment that you are in. Also, take time for yourself each day.
    I'm sure you are getting lots of support, but it helps to talk to those who have been through it. If you ever need to vent or talk to someone that is not family I would be happy to leaned an ear. Days can go up and down so fast, I pray that your sweet Elsi will grow stronger and stronger. ( I can send you my number)

    1. Ruthie,
      Every post you have me both laughing and in shaved legs, oh my! I love you and am so sorry you guys have to go through this. Baby Elsie and your family are in my tjiughts and prayers, you have shown incredible strength.

  7. Hi, my name is Allie. In November of 2011 I had my 25 weeker, she was 560 grams and 12 inches long. I just wanted to let you know that there will definitely be ups and downs, but there is always hope. I've been there, and I know what an impact it makes to let her know you believe in her. Hold her little hand, and tell her how strong she is. You're such a strong mommy. Be proud of yourself every single day. If you ever want to talk, feel free to email me anytime. I'd be more than happy to let you vent, or give you emotional support. Feel free to check out our blog

    Never lose hope. I'm sending love and prayers your way.