Thursday, May 9, 2013

May 9

Nothing much has changed today, but I have to share some adorable pictures with you. Can I just say how much I love having my two girls together? Sure, Evs tried to smother her sister with the blanket a little bit, but it was done in love.

No, he's not wearing a dress. His shirt was dirty from work, so he put on a hospital gown.
I love how protective he is of Elsie and how he gets so worried about contaminating her,
it's so cute! 

We showed Evje how she could have Elsie hold onto her finger and she kept
trying to do it again :)

"I know what to do with babies and blankies. I'll take this one and cover her right up."

Daddy and his girls

This picture makes my heart happy.


  1. Love your pictures of your little girls. So precious.

  2. I love it! They are both sooo cute! Evje is such a good big sister!

  3. How sweet! I love the last picture too.

  4. tears weld up in my eyes! so adorable! What a great big sister! In the last picture you can tell they already have that wonderful sister bond! Love this!

  5. So sweet to see the daddy and both his girls!

  6. So very sweet, even if dad is getting a bit scruffy. How much does Elsie weigh now? With her nursing so well, do you think you'll get to take her home sooner? We're all rootin' for her at C3.

  7. Love those pictures! Two sweet girls!

  8. Love those pictures! Two sweet girls!