Wednesday, March 5, 2014

14 months!

And the time just keeps flying by. Elsie is 14 months old! 10 months adjusted!

  • Elsie is a crawling pro and is getting into everything that she can reach! She loves being able to follow her big sister around the house. Big sister doesn't love Elsie getting into "her" toys so much, but maybe one day they'll share toys happily. Or not!
  • She's working on pulling herself up to stand on furniture. She's still pretty shaky and cautious when we help her to stand up, but making lots of progress! I can't believe how far she has come since we started PT in October.
  • Elsie had made a lot of progress with oral eating in the last few weeks. When we eat our family meals together, I'll place a few spoonfuls of whatever we're eating on her high chair tray, and she tastes the majority of the items. She still spits out nearly everything after she has tasted it, but she is keeping food in her mouth longer, and has swallowed tiny pieces here and there. She is actually eating a few pieces of yogurt melts because she's keeping them in her mouth longer and they melt before she can spit them out, ha ha. She is also making more chewing motions, which she hasn't done before. It's all really exciting. 
  • Blended Diet is going great, we've added in a few more foods to her blends and for the most part, she is tolerating them very well. She still has instances of vomiting, either because she has gagged on something or if her tummy got too full too quickly, or if the moon wasn't properly aligned with the cosmos. You know, puke happens. But other than random vomiting here and there, it's going great and I love coming up with new things to blend for her.
  • Elsie's personality is coming out more and more every day. She went through a "stranger danger" phase, which is completely understandable. After all, 97.895% of the time, she only sees me, her dad, and her sister. But I think she's gotten a little better. She has been so funny lately. She loves making silly noises like growling or doing funny things with her tongue. She loves it when someone chases her when she is crawling on the floor. Last night, I was chasing after her right before bedtime and she was laughing so hard. This morning when I got her out of bed, she was immediately in the same silly mood that she was in the night before. It cracks me up. 
  • Elsie and Evje are officially sharing rooms now. Yes, since Elsie has been home from the NICU (June), she has been sleeping in the master bedroom, first in a bassinet, and then in a pack & play. It was just easier to have her in there with us, since she is still on continuous nighttime feeds and sometimes the pump alarm would go off, or she'd throw up in the night, or whatever. But she is a really noisy sleeper, and we decided that it was finally time to kick her out. I was worried that she and Evs would wake each other up, but they've done really well so far, only occasionally waking the other. Both of them have learned to sleep through minor disturbances, thank heavens. The first night that she slept in the other room, I was a little sad, and it worried me that I couldn't hear her anymore, but of course she was fine, and we all slept great.

Big girl happy crawler!

Note to self: don't try to take pictures right before naptime.

Sad face!

And here's some fun video of our little Cheeto-eater :)


  1. Go Elsie, go!! We sure love that cutie!

  2. Oh my gosh I love her. Maybe we will get to see her in April?

  3. What a little cutie!! I love her hair!

  4. How awesome is that!!! You go "Cheeto"

  5. Hooray for progress (and sleeping in a different room)! She is so fun!