Friday, April 4, 2014

15 months!

Well, here we are, another month older and wiser, too!

Here's your Elsie factoids for the month:

  • Still crawling around like crazy. And can now pull herself up to stand and cruise along furniture. Her balance is improving day by day, and she'll be taking her first steps before we know it!
  • Into absolutely everything--I mean, I kinda forgot what it's like to have a young toddler who opens all the cabinets and reaches into the toilet and pulls things out of drawers. Now we have two young mess-makers in the family!
  • She's in that annoying phase where she sees a miniscule piece of lint/dirt/whatever on the floor and picks it up and immediately pops it into her mouth. I usually wouldn't mind, because I'm not one of those germ-freak moms who is appalled at her child putting things in her mouth. The thing that drives me bonkers is that she'll put something in her mouth, work it around with her tongue a bit, and then more often than not, will gag on the item, retch, and then puke up whatever food I had just worked so hard to get into her belly. Needless to say, we're sweeping and vacuuming a lot more than normal, but she still manages to find things to put in her mouth and gag on.
  • Oral eating has taken a little bit of a setback this last week due to Elsie not feeling well. She's had a runny nose for several days; I'm not sure if she's getting a cold or teething or maybe has some spring allergies. Whatever it is, it's making her not be interested in food at all. It's really frustrating, since she had been doing soooo well at tasting everything, but it's a hurdle that we'll just have to be patient and eventually overcome.
  • Speaking of teething, Elsie is still a toothless wonder. It's kinda nice, actually, but I'm sure when her teeth finally start coming, they'll all come at once and will be a doozy to deal with.
  • Hopefully only a month or so left of our RSV isolation. The following respiratory germs are still active at  high levels in Utah: RSV, Rhinovirus, Coronavirus, Adenovirus, and Pertussis. Please, I hate to always be saying this, and I'm sure you're tired of hearing it, but please don't come over if you or your kids are sick, or have been recently exposed to people who are ill. It's hard for me to say no to people, so help a sister out and stay away if you are sick. We've been lucky to avoid any hospitalizations so far, knock on wood, and we'd like to keep it that way! 
Can you believe it, a year ago today, we were worrying about Elsie's ROP getting worse and the possibility of laser surgery. Plus, we were waiting the results from Elsie's 36-week brain ultrasound, and were anxious that we would get bad news about the condition of her brain after her brain bleeds. You've come a long way, baby!