Wednesday, June 10, 2015


We met our fundraising goal for Elsie's tube wean, which will take place starting on June 23. We are so unbelievably excited for this to happen! We never would have been able to do this without the help of so many friends, family, and neighbors, as well as complete strangers. I want to take some time and publicly say thank you to all of those who helped us reach our goal.

From the GoFundMe and outside donations:

John & Wendy Casperson
Verla Cooper
Joan Wright
Linda Cooper
Gil & Janice Baker
the Dangerfield family
Mrs Grimm
Kathy Pettey
Jodie Crowder
Steve & Julie Teerlink
Anne and Dave Hansen
John & Nancy Ferderber
Carol Morley
Mike Nesbit
Bertha Hall
Nola Jensen
Amy Garvey
Carol Cheney
Bob & Karen Loutzenhiser
Mary Woodard
Kathleen VonHatten
Michelle Geoghegan
Jessica Wang
Nicole Lynch
Shirley Handy
Betty Koehler
Leo & Elaine Boynton
Mary Bailey
Richard Westover
Savannah Atkinson
Valerie Baugh
Ron & Mary Brunner
Joe Hansen
Karri Sloan
Michelle Shaw
Faye Girsberger
Jenn Schram
Jeff & Carol Call
Terri Critchlow
Teresa Bell
Dorothy Bradford
Dean & Joanne Frandsen
Kathy Mortimer
Carol Brown
Diane Duckworth
Sandy Clark
Juliana Coulam
Neysa Xanthos
Jenny Edmundson
Tiane Allred
Anonymous Anonymous
Patti Smart
Linda Shill
Nancy Miller
Marie Wardle
Jan Peart
Denise Jay
Mark Nesbit
Paul & Diann Macbeth
Arthur & Jenn Westover
Tanya VanPapeveld
Cherry Gardner
Annie Opfar
Lynn Despain
Vicky Todd
Jeff & Kathy Karren
Paige Maughan
Harley Hansen
Tonya Johnson
Joyce Stevens
Rob Pelton
Shannon Clarke
Kitt Ludlow
Mary Mathis
Kathy Newbold
Donna Davis
Sarah & Cameron Sagers
Heidi Gerber
Debenham Fam
Prasha Tuladhar
Dave & Marilyn Gillette
Carolyn Sagers
Carla & Barry Nelson
Laura & Richard White
Jolene Nelson
Lisa Peshell
Andrea McDonald
Teresa Edwards
Allyn Grosjean
Bob & Linda Westover
Lucy & Glen Greager
Roberta Macdonald
Debbie Smart
Lesa Gallegos
Brittany Lund
Jana VanDenBerghe
Joseph & Millie Sagers
Christel Longoria
Molly Anthony
Kristin Vinik
Jenny Lake
Suzanne Lynch
Rayetta Croft
Randall Hunsaker
Tami Higbee
Shani Fisher
DeeAnne Squire
DeAnn Butler
Sage Kotsenburg
Thad LeVar
Heather Maile
Heather Buttars
Carrie Wareck
Jared Shimanek
Aileen Cawley
Lorna Kimball
Jen Williams
Ashley Eves
MM Cary
Joe McKay
Audrey Parker
Shannon Hill
Grace Baker
Kathryn Gnagey
Clay Westover
Melissa Wright
Dawn Wells
Christy Shepherd
Megan Matthews
Cathy Bird
Lori Kennedy
Tiane Allred
Kristen Openshaw
Svetlana Konakova
Karen Pelton
Nate & Deanna Warner
Anne Hansen
Jan Schalk
John & Roxy Glassey
Donna Baines
Ashley Kirkpatrick
Ilse Wilson
April & Tom Bishop
Charlotte Greager
Rebecca Simmons
Candace Johnson
Karri Sloan
Jessica Cole

From the Bake Sale, I wish I could thank all of you in person, but there were so many who came and helped. We are so grateful for everyone who helped and who came to make purchases, despite the pouring rain. We were so amazed by the generosity of so many good people.

A special thanks goes to:
Vicki Lambert
Tami & Nate Higbee
Kadie & Claire Nielson
Steven Sharp Nelson
Lorna Kimball
Audrey Parker
Ashley Kirkpatrick
Trish Judd
Marlene Feveryear
Megan Greenwood
Stacey and Kate Timmerman
Jessica and Tyler Cole
Carla and Jennae Nelson
Kathy Newbold
Penny Taylor
Amy Timmerman
Eric Westover & Family
Bob & Linda Westover
Rachel Kartchner
Brenda Westover
Rhonda & Roberta, who were there in spirit
Christina Coleman
The Mossman family
The Blackhurst family
Holly Davies
Jeni Larsen
Blackhurst family
Mossman family
And of course, last but not least is Riley and Ramona Mathis, who did the brunt of the work and made this fundraiser become a reality! We never could have gotten this far without you.

So many people have come together to help us with our burden. Friends, family, neighbors, people that I haven't seen in years, old and true friends, people from my childhood, friends of friends and friends of family, plus complete strangers. We are so extremely thankful. There are so many good people in our lives! We are so blessed. We'll never be able to say thank you enough but your kindness and love will not be forgotten.

Elsie's feeding tube wean will begin on June 23. We don't have specific details yet, but will share them when we know. I will post updates throughout the wean on how things go. As the date gets closer, I keep thinking of things that will change when Elsie doesn't need her feeding tube anymore. I'll have a whole shelf in the freezer and in the fridge that will be empty. No more daily blending of her food. No more cleaning up messes that she has chewed up and spit out. No more unexplained vomit. The day is drawing near, and it will be a fine day when Elsie can eat on her own.

No more wrestling with tubes in tummies!

One day, no more button in belly.

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