Wednesday, March 6, 2013

March 6

Today we had Elsie's 60 day care conference with her doctors and nurse practitioner. Overall, it was fairly uneventful and there was nothing really new or earth-shattering. We discussed Elsie's progress in various aspects of her life, such as:

She had another eye exam today, and is still showing no signs of ROP, which is great. She is gaining weight nicely, and is almost up to 3 pounds. She is pretty close to the 10th percentile on weight.

Her biggest concern at this time is to get her breathing under control. She's not wearing this funny CPAP (called Hudson prongs) with the "helmet" anymore-- I guess the prongs kept falling out of her nose. So she's back to the CPAP that she had on before (called Ram prongs), which I just realized that I don't really have any pictures of her with except for this fuzzy one:

The nose prongs on the Ram are more flexible than the Hudson, so they stay in better.

Anyway, she's making progress with her breathing, slowly but surely. She will very likely be on oxygen when she goes home.

The next goal we are working toward is getting her breathing regulated enough so that she can learn to eat by mouth. She will have to have progressed off the CPAP and have just a nasal cannula before this can happen.

She is still not showing any obvious signs of brain trauma, such as her head growing too quickly. I don't think they can tell a whole lot right now if she does have brain damage, and I don't want to ask. It's another "wait and see" that I'd rather not worry about right now.

All things considered, Elsie is progressing well. I'm trying to think of something profound or interesting to say, but it's just not coming. Good night, everybody.


  1. She is a champ! And such a beautiful girl. Sounds like a pretty good report. :-) Keep growing sweet Elsie!

  2. It's enough to just hear that things are the same - steady progress. She is changing so much in the pictures. It's wonderful to see her grow! We love you.

  3. So glad she is progressing along. I'm so gratful for the power of prayer and for miracles. Little Elsie is Eastridge Wards little miracle!!!

  4. It IS profound that Elsie is alive and making progress! You can tell us that every time and it still gives me a thrill!

  5. I love that fuzzy picture! And the un-profound progress report. She's doing so well, and so are YOU!

    1. Dear "glee", you always leave the sweetest comments, and it just peaks my curiosity each time: do I know you and you just have an incognito blogger name? Or are you just the nicest anonymous stranger ever? Seriously, I'm just curious. Who are you? Thanks for the loving and uplifting comments, I look forward to them each time I post :)

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  7. I am so amazed at how well she is doing. Each day she manages to avert disaster is one more day she has to grow stronger! Hopefully Clayton will be able to hold her soon!

  8. I like to call them inch-stones instead of milestones because sometimes an inch is every bit as exciting as a mile might be to someone else. ;) Happy inchstone day!

  9. Yea for un-eventful moments! A slow grow is good! Camryn had a touch of ROP but it resolved on its own and she hasn't had anything come from it. Sounds like her little noggin is doing well too! So happy that she is being good!